2024 Club Online Photo Store is now Live for upcoming Team/Player photo shoot

Sports in Focus in partnership with Ashy is excited to announce this year’s photo shoot happening on these dates: (exact team schedule to be published shortly and will be your team’s training night)

16th July, Tuesday –  Markham Reserve

17th July, Wednesday – Markham Reserve

18th July, Thursday – DLRW

24th July, Wednesday – Markham Reserve

In preparation for the upcoming photo shoot, visit the new and improved store at: https://secure.sportsinfocus.com.au/store/team/ashburton-united-soccer-club-2024 and select from our graphically designed products.

Sports in Focus are thrilled to share that our online photo store has been upgraded with a new look and feel! With improved functionality, easier navigation, plus value bundle packages that will make your ordering experience more seamless.

Make sure parents/players under each team do not miss out on getting a memento of this season – pre-order photos to enjoy the discounted prices! Visit the store now and select from our graphically designed products. IMPORTANT: All orders need to be placed by 11:59 pm of the final deadline to receive FREE delivery to the Club and avoid additional processing fees.

Thank you to our partners Sports in Focus and we look forward to seeing you at the photoshoot!

Below are the steps on how to order the photos online:

2. Choose which product you want to purchase (Team Poster, Individual Poster, etc). We also have bundle packages that give you up to 40% discount!
3. Select the Player Name from the drop down list. You can filter the names by team so that you can easily find the player. If you have special instructions, you can add it to the instructions box. This is also where you can put a note if you are purchasing a sibling/family photo.
4. Finalize your Order. This is where you can supersize your poster, add extra copies and get digital copies.
5. Process payment.