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Miniroos 7-11 2018

Season 2018

For new players interested in joining AUSC in 2018, please register your interest by emailing , or call Lesley on 03 9885 2374

For information on AUSC's Team Selection and Grading process, please refer to the Fact Sheet 01 - General Information

FFV U08-U11 Competition 2018 - Aldi Miniroos

For general team and competition information, please refer to the Fact Sheet 06 - U08-U11 or Fact Sheet 05 - U7

AUSC is wholly affiliated with the FFV, and fielded Saturday and Sunday teams within the FFV competition.

Matches will be played at Warner Reserve on our modified pitches. Training is determined by the level of the squad; the timing will depend on the individual coach’s availability.


Age group is determined by your age on the 1 st January 2018.

Apparel & Equipment

Players will wear Only Sport and each player will purchase and retain their own uniform, players will be allocated a player number which they will retain. All players must have boots and shinguards - mouthguards are recommended.

FFV Registration

All U11 - U18 players will be issued with a Player Identification Card once they have registered with the FFV.


Transfers are done online by the club administrator. This changes if players have transferred more than once during a season and team managers will need to contact the club administration regarding this.

Parents' Role

We are an amateur club and depend on volunteers! If the club is to provide soccer for your child, it needs your involvement. The committee and managers’ responsibilities are to inform, co-ordinate and delegate; it is not their responsibility to perform the tasks of operating the club. Please refer to the parents code of conduct below. To accomplish its major tasks (e.g. registration and presentation days) the club requires the assistance of parents of particular year groups. This allows the club to meet expectations of satisfactory performance whilst ensuring the load is shared equitably: therefore participation is an obligatory part of membership.

There are a number of areas where the club needs your assistance many of which will be determined closer to the season’s commencement and generally on a rotational basis (with the exception of coaches and team manager). Duties include assisting some training nights, Pie Nights, washing of team shirts (rostered weekly), assisting with fund raising, presentation days, Annual club trivia night, setting up and packing up on game day.

It is the Parent or Guardian’s responsibility to notify the club, coach or team manager of any health issue, which may affect their child’s ability to participate in the activities normally associated with soccer inclusive of training and matches. Parents Code of Conduct


The club considers it is the responsibility of parents to provide coaching for their children. The club will pay for parents to attend coaching courses. When a parent provides satisfactory coaching (as assessed by the committee) through the season by taking responsibility for week night practices and matches, she/he will be offered a full rebate of one child’s registration fees at the end of the season.

For information about FFV coaching courses, refer to the FFV website

If a team has no parent to coach, the club will seek to provide a non-parental coach but provides no guarantee that a coach will be found. Coaches can only be appointed by the Board of Directors and will not be appointed unless they satisfy the committee’s criteria including being of suitable character, having an appropriate manner with our players and having completed a FFV training course and police checks. Where a non-parental coach is engaged, a coaching levy will be struck to cover costs. All levies are payable by the first match and the team manager will be advised and is responsible for collection. Players will not be registered with the FFV and therefore are ineligible to play until the coaching levy has been paid.

Team Managers

Managers are a focus for communication within and without the team. Also they are responsible for organising rosters of various team duties to be performed by all the parents in the team, not just the manager. Managers' responsibilities are not onerous. The club will provide managers with an information manual.  Each team must send a representative to the club’s managers meetings. Teams, which do not attend each meeting, are considered to be poor citizens of the club. An alternate team parent must attend the meeting if the regular manager is not available.