The Club has Masters teams competing in Over 35s, Over 45s and Over 55s.

Providing a pathway for our more experienced players, the Masters are as much focused on socialising as they are on being highly competitive come match day.

The Over 35s are our most recent addition and compete in Football Victoria’s Eastern Division.

We have two teams in Over 45s, Ashburton Athletic and Ashburton United, with matches between the two fiercely contested for bragging rights. In 2019 Athletic were proud to win the league, clinching their third championship since joining the competition.

Meanwhile Ashburton Rovers represent the club in the Over 55s, joining the league in 2018.
If you are interested in joining a Masters team please click HERE or call 9885 2374.

Ashy Athletic 2019


masters 1


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Msters 2

 O45s 2019


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