Miniroos - Girls


Miniroos - Girls

U7 - U8 - U9 - U10 - U11 - U12
  • 4v4 - 7v7 - 9v9 team football experience with the home-away fixture
  • Available on Sunday
  • Continuous assessment for staff coached team
  • Volunteer coaching still available
  • Positive child centred and value driven learning environment
  • One training and One game per week. 2nd skill session available on Mondays in term 2 & 3
  • Futsal team also available in term 4

What is Miniroos Girls al about?

  • Ashburton caters for all abilities and will find a team where beginners and experienced players can thrive.
  • In Girls football, you have the options to join either a staff coached team or a volunteer coached team. Trials are not organised, the club select teams based on continual assessments. If you are a returning player or a new player, please refer to the following information and read the team selection process to learn how to proceed either way.
  • Staff coached teams: is your child willing to commit to the Skill Acquisition pathway? If football is the first choice activity, she might want to train twice a week with a club appointed qualified coach. At Ashy, the child development will prevail first as a person and then as a footballer.
  • Volunteer coached teams: if your child is willing to play (again) with her school mates, with a (former) volunteer coach and one training a week is enough, you can join a volunteer coach team. It doesn’t mean you cannot change your mind as the season goes.
  • Either way, you have access to a second session a week organised by the club via the Skill Acquisition Program. It will be every Monday and you will train with your team on a Wednesday. Note that U7 and U8 new girls will train as part of the Wednesday kick-off program session and have a game with their team on the weekend.
  • The club automatically renew all-volunteer coached teams and staff coached team (conditions may apply). The maximum number of players allowed in a team is 12 players for U10 to U11, 10 for U8 and U9 and 5 for U7.
  • Children play a Small Sided Game of 4v4 in U7, 7v7 in U8 and U9 and 9v9 in U10, U11 and U12
  • For more information about the format and the rules, please consult the Miniroos Playing format documentation.
  • We know being a sports parent can be tough. The club provides unique access to our soccer parent resources on this website.

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