Help Ashy achieve an additional $17k of available funding from the Community Bank

bendigo bank offer1The club only needs TWO (2) more home loans to be approved and we will receive $1,000 for each new loan and a bonus payment of $15,000 for achieving 10 new loans approved by the bank.
The Ashburton, Balwyn, Canterbury and Surrey Hills Community Bank branches which are a part of the Bendigo Bank contribute $1,000 for every new or refinanced home loan over $250,000 taken out by our community members.
As an incentive to secure the last TWO loans, Ashy will provide the approved loans a free Winter Registration for the 2020 year for their child or themselves up to a value of $500. This will also apply to the already approved 8 loans.
The available funds will assist the club to manage their ever increasing programs for our kids and the wider community.

Drop into the Ashburton branch or ring Nick Coker on 0438 541 337 to get a great deal. Don't forget to say that you are from Ashy!