COVID-19 Latest Update - 17 March 2020

The Board and Committee met yesterday to discuss the COVID-19 situation and its impact on all of our soccer programs.

Based on the information provided by the Federal Government, DHHS, FFA, FV and taking into consideration some of the feedback provided by our coaching staff and community, we have decided on the following actions effective immediately to assist the COVID-19 virus transmission reduction measures as introduced by Victoria’s DHHS:

  • Training for our KickOff, MiniRoos and Youth community teams (ages 4 - 17) will be postponed until further notice 
  • Training for our Junior Boys NPL teams will continue but will be restricted to one session per week as the teams are still competing in their respective NPL qualification leagues - Tues (U13s/U14s) and Thurs (U15s/U16s)
  • Training for our Senior teams will continue as planned as teams are preparing for the commencement of their season as early as this Saturday
  • The Soccer Mums program on a Saturday will be cancelled for the remainder of the term and all participants will be advised of a Term 2 start date
Please see below FFA Guidelines launched yesterday to assist in all ongoing football activities at this time, including training and matches.

Yesterday’s update included statements that have since been clarified and updated as per below:

New Travel Restrictions for all people entering Australia:
  • Anyone arriving at Australia’s airports from overseas from midnight (12:00am Monday 16 March 2020) to go straight into self-isolation for 14 days and can return to the club if they are symptom free
  • Family or housemates living with someone required to self isolate do not need to do the same unless they begin to develop symptoms or diagnosed with the virus
  • Limited exemptions also exist for airline and maritime crew, where they have taken appropriate precautionary measures
AUSC requests that all staff, coaches, players or parents who fit the criteria below or who live in the immediate household of any persons who fit the criteria below, are requested to self-isolate from the club for 14 days and only return to the club if they are symptom free:
  • Staff, coaches, players or parents who have had close personal contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Staff, coaches, players or parents who are seeking or awaiting testing for COVID-19
 COVID-19 Isolation guidance:

COVID-19 information about home isolation when unwell (suspected or confirmed cases)

AUSC is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and we will update our community as new information is provided as we continue to prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of our players, their families and our staff. 

Our website and other social media channels will be updated with the latest advice on the situation.

AUSC encourages all to continue to monitor health advice from the appropriate authorities – including the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services at: 

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By the way this virus doesn’t stop our kids kicking a ball at home against a wall, kick to kick with their siblings or their parents, playing sock soccer indoors etc…we will send an information sheet with some ideas shortly.