Nico Decaup has left Ashy but his legacy lives on

Nico2Nico Decaup our Football Director has departed Australia and is back in his home city Lyon, France. Nico and his partner, Mereille, came to Australia nearly 3 years ago and he started working at Ashy in a coordinator role for our MiniRoos program. He quickly made an impression on so many of our coaches, players, parents, committee and our corporate partners with his passion for the game, above and beyond commitment in developing our coaches and kids, charming manner, professionalism and of course his French wittiness and humour.

Nico leaves behind a legacy at the club which has certainly changed us for the better and his series of Ashy Way videos on our YouTube channel (AUSC TV) demonstrates the path forward at the club where the philosophy is around the ‘Person First, Footballer Second from their First game to their Last game for Players of All Abilities”

I recall my first encounter with Nico was when I was coaching our U9 Boys team when one night during training he wanted to demonstrate a drill. Now my boys at this stage were playing up and chasing each other, rolling around on freshly mowed grass, kicking balls everywhere and I had basically lost control. As Nico was about to address the kids I heard in my head the famous quote by Liam Neeson from the movie ‘Taken’…”Good Luck”. Within minutes Nico had these kids standing to attention and listening to his every word and the drill was executed brilliantly by the team.

During the season, Nico with his distinct red jacket, would always walk around and watch matches, talk to players and parents and he was always available to guide coaches. His presence certainly enhanced the club’s standing and we had a leader who coached, guided, developed coaches and players, setup grounds and was an integral part of our NPL journey when the club secured a licence in 2019.

Sharing one of Nico’s numerous quotes by Warren Buffet he used during his time at Ashy:

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone’s planted a tree a long time ago”

Thank you Nico…we know that ‘someone’ is you.