Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Miniroos U7 to U12


What age group is my child in?

Age Groups are chronological and selected by year of birth! The age your child is turning in any given year will be the team they are in. (e.g. If you are turning 11 in 2019, you play Under 11s!)

age table

When does the outdoor season start and finish?

  • 3rd Feb: All Miniroos U12 starts
  • 5th Feb: All Miniroos U11 starts
  • 10th Feb: All Miniroos U10 starts
  • 17th Feb: All Miniroos U09 starts
  • 4th Mar: All Miniroos U07 and U08 starts
  • The first game will be kicked-off on the 18th & 19th of April
  • The season will finish on the first week-end of September (05th and 6th)
  • FYI, the Futsal season restarts in October 2019

When and how does the club select the teams?

The club has reviewed its selection policies and processes for 2020. Depending on the program and the type of team you choose (see question 4), the team selection is now different.

  •  Miniroos Volunteer coached teams from U7 up to U12 are automatically renewed.

If players were happy in 2019, they have to confirm they will be playing again before March 01st. They don’t need to attend trial. Change may occur at the discretion of the coordinator and will be communicated to parents.

  • Miniroos Staff coached team (U10-U12).

Teams in U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, if evaluations are satisfying will be renewed into their previous staff coached team to pursue their development. If the club thinks that a change is needed, they will be contacted and placed into another team or grade.

  • New players in ALDI Miniroos are not left aside. They will be observed in a team that suits their experience and potential in February 2020. The team allocation will depend on availability at that time.

  • All players need to confirm their team offer by March 1st and register.

What are the differences between a staff coached and a volunteer coached team?

  • A volunteer coached team is coached by a trained volunteer parental or youth trainee coach. They propose a lighter commitment and a “social” approach to the player football experience. A player can freely join any volunteer coached team if places are vacant.

  • Available only from U10 onwards, a staff coached team is a team coached by a club appointed qualified coach. Those teams are ideal for players 100% committed to football and propose a competitive approach to the player football experience. Players are selected to play in a staff coached team.

  • In both cases, the club playing philosophy remains unchanged and they are supervised by a club technical coordinator.

  •  All coaches must have the minimum qualification for the relevant age group, complete a Working with Children Check (free for volunteers), a laws of the game certificate and the play by the rules free courses

What day do we play matches?

  • All MIniroos teams (U7 up to U12) can choose between Saturday or Sunday to play their games

  • Only girls competitions happen on Sunday but options exists to play in a mixed competition on Saturday too.

  • The kick-Off program can be joined on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

What time are the matches?

  • Times can vary depending on which club we are playing against and by what age group your team plays in!

  • Under 7/8/9/10/11/12 Teams will likely play in the morning. A general rule will be that the younger teams play earlier, but this is not set in stone and each club can set their own kick-off times!

Where will the matches be played?

  • Ashburton is in the football Victoria eastern region

  • The area generally encompasses an area between Glen Waverley, Doncaster, Richmond and even sometimes out to Monbulk (or even Healesville!). Girls may travel further south. On average, allow 15-20 minutes to drive to an away game. Sometimes it might be 5 minutes, sometimes it might be 45!

  • The Season runs as a home-and-away fixture, so half the games will be played at other clubs' grounds, and half will be at one of Ashburton grounds: Warner Reserve, Watson Park, Markham Reserve, Ashburton Park or Highfield Park.

  • The kick-Off program will only be delivered at Ashburton and no away fixtures are organised.

How do I get the green uniform?

  • Our staff will be available at training in pre-season for sizing and ordering.

  • Returning players will be able to reuse their uniform from last year. New players will be required to purchase their uniform, which they will keep. The Uniform Package includes a shirt, shorts and socks.

  • Players will be allocated a number for their playing top.

  • All players must wear boots and shin-guards to protect against injury (compulsory). Mouth-guards are optional, but recommended as they provide additional protection. No jewels. Sports glasses are recommended. Long hair needs to be tightened. 

When does my team have training?

  • NOTE: Pre-Season Training for February-March will likely have different times/nights as we only have limited or no access to our winter grounds

  • A lot of your training timetable will depend on the availability of your coach and the club capacity to maximise the spaces available for more than 70 teams.  

  • Most staff coached teams will train twice a week, and volunteer coached team will only train once a week.

  • During the season (April-September) we have full access to our grounds almost every day of the week. Generally, Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for ALDI Miniroos (5:00 till 7:30 pm) and Tuesday and Thursdays (6:30 till 8:30 pm) for youth Football.

  • Majority of our ALDI Miniroos training sessions will be 60 minutes.

What should we wear and bring for training?

  • All players must wear appropriate training gear. Top with sleeves, short and socks. Obviously boots (winter season only) and shin-guards to protect against injury (compulsory). Mouth-guards are optional but recommended as they provide additional protection. Reusable drink bottle. Hat in case of hot weather.

  • Cell phones are prohibited. Jewels must be avoided. Sports glasses are authorised.

How much does it cost for the season?

  • Please refer to the relevant age fact sheet to learn more about the playing fees.

  • Players playing in a staff coached team will have to pay a coaching levy.

What is the coaching levy for?

  • The Coaching Levy is intended to cover the costs associated with the appointment of a staff coach. It doesn’t apply to volunteer coached teams. Once players have been selected to these squads an invoice will be sent via email with the letter of offers. Until the coaching levy has been paid, the player’s registration will not be approved and therefore they will be ineligible to play.

  • Please  proceed to  all payments in due time to allow our staff to focus their inexhaustible energy on your football experience.

When do I need to finalise payment?

  • Payments will be open once team allocation is finalised. All fees must be fully paid between mid-February and mid-March or arrangements made with club. Players who have not paid or have not spoken with club will not be permitted to participate in the games and trainings. 

  • Please proceed to all payments in due time to allow our staff to focus their inexhaustible energy on your football experience.

How does the club communicate with the members?

  • Teamstuff:  the app will be used as the club primary form of communication. It allows families to stay in touch with the club and receive important information about training, games and other club events. You will receive an invitation to join Teamstuff and you will need to follow the prompt to successfully set up the account. Once you have an account, you will be able to attach all of your player profiles and stay in touch.

  • Club’s website: important information and documents can be found at
  • Sports TG: the sports TG app (match day) is used by the FV for the communication of the teams fixtures. It can be easily accessed from a web navigator. And this link.

  • Club newsletters: in order to keep parent in the loop of our very exciting activity, the club will periodically distribute a club newsletter detailing upcoming events and others goings-on within the club. It will be distributed by email.

  • Emails: we will use email predominantly to communicate with our members. We have a large community to look after and it is the easiest way to instantly reach everybody. We know we could send a lots of emails but we do target our messages the best we can. Make sure you provide your email address, so you don’t miss important information.

  • Phone / SMS: please ensure that you provide your mobile phone number as well. Our club doesn’t use text message to convey important information, but your team manager might be.

  • Socials: Ashburton is present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Make sure you like our page and profile to see all the content that we will create to tell you the story of our club, your story!