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Joe’s Market Update – July 13th 2022

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A lot is happening in winter produce this week.

Sugar Plum tomatoes are back in store.

They’re intensely sweet and juicy premium glasshouse-grown truss tomatoes.

Perfect for snacking, fresh pasta dishes and salads.

Honey pears are in-store too,

They look like brown pears but develop a golden hue as they ripen.

Eat them ripe; they’re sweeter!

They’re the best pears for cooking.

They aren’t overly juicy and will hold their shape without creating too much liquid.

They are also an ideal size for lunchboxes!

Falan Sweet Green Mango is available this week.

They are typically known as the main ingredient in Thai Green Mango Salad.

It has an elongated shape and light-green skin.

It’s the only mango variety that is sweet while still green.

They’re great to cook with too. Try adding some to your next stir-fry.


We’re excited to have Tarocco Ippolito Blood Oranges this week.

Our Ippolito oranges are very special; very few grocers in Melbourne buy them in.

They’re an Italian variety, and they differ from our common Aussie Arnold varieties.

You can taste and see the difference.

Their exotic red flesh and juice is low in acid, they’re seedless,

 And much sweeter than other varieties!

We’ve mentioned many times before how beneficial the antioxidant anthocyanin is to our health and wellbeing.

It also gives these oranges their dark colour.

They are our favourite oranges!


Sumo Mandarins are back this week!

This mandarin has bumpy skin and is more of a ball shape with a knobbly top.

Sumos are low in acid, and they are sweet and aromatic.

They’re an easy-peel, seedless variety.

These are everyone’s favourite mandarins in store!

We’re enjoying Victorian cauliflower this week.

They have tight florets and are tender.

We love cooking cauliflower in winter.

It’s a very versatile veggie!

Add it to curries and casseroles; steam it for salads. Whip up cauliflower and cheese.

If you are a macaroni and cheese fan, it’s a fantastic addition to your daily veggie intake.

We love it in potato gratin too.

And it’s hard to go past a cauliflower puree or cauliflower poppers.

And finally, in groceries this week, we have a new drink in-store.

Arepa Nootropic Brain Drink for Mental Performance.

The team at Arepa have consulted with the world’s best neuroscientists and food technologist to develop a formula that will improve the health of your brain.

At its core are Blackcurrant Extract, Pine Bark Extract and L-theanine.

There is a lot of background when it comes to research and development with this brain health drink, but basically, these ingredients improve cognitive performance, can offer neuroprotection and improve mood and mental health.

We’ll tell you more about it later in the week!


That’s all for this week’s update,


Joe Russo

Foodie | 3rd Generation Green Grocer