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🍎Joe’s Market Update

Before I get into this week’s update, we will close at 1 pm on Monday 13th June for the public holiday.

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Usually, at this time of year, we’re enjoying a steady stream of produce coming down from Queensland to fill the gaps as Victorian produce finishes up.

Unfortunately, floods have damaged Queensland produce, driving up the price and making some produce expensive.

We may also find that some produce will not be available in-store for a few weeks.

I will continue to source the best produce at the fairest price.

There is some good news this week!

Avocadoes and Jap pumpkin is excellent value still.

We’ve also had a delivery of salad onions this week, and they’re crisp and flavourful.

Much more mild than a brown, white or Spanish onion.

This week we’re feeling the cold and leaning towards veggies that make us feel warm and comforted.

Kipfler’s are on my radar.

They’re a great potato that lends itself well to roasting and steamed or boiled for salads and stews.

Kipfler’s are an elongated potato with yellow flesh.

They’ll hold their shape well when cooked.

You’ll often find them as sides in restaurants or cut into thick wedges for a quick snack with mayo or sweet chilli sauce.

Purple Heirloom Carrots are looking good this week.

Heirloom varieties are known to have higher nutrient levels than regular carrots.

They contain Anthocyanin, a natural plant pigment that gives purple and blue produce their deep dark colour.

Purple carrots are rich in antioxidants and are thought to have significant anti-inflammatory properties.

They’re also believed to strengthen the immune system, benefit brain health, help lower inflammation and help fight against heart disease.

They’re loaded with vitamin C and vitamin K,

Nutrients that are well known for bone health.

And lastly, in groceries, this week we’re indulging our sweet tooth and have Biscuiterie du Quercy Meringues on special!

They’re made in France to a traditional recipe and are considered one of France’s greatest artisan meringue producers.

They’re crisp on the outside and soft in the centre.

That’s all for this week’s update,


Joe Russo

Foodie | 3rd Generation Green Grocer