Ashburton United Newsletter: May 2022

President’s Message
Big start to a busy year!

What a big start to season 2022! It’s great to see everyone back on the pitch and playing the ‘beautiful game’. Your committee and club staff have been working hard to make the football experience on and off the pitch as great as possible. We have initiated (amongst other things) our new player pathway programs, launched a new website, changed our uniform supplier, attracted new sponsors, built new connections with our community and most of all managed to get all players at the club into the same ONE GREEN with our ‘kick off’ kids (4 to 7 years olds) getting their new Ashy uniforms recently!

The response from our previous and new sponsors to support our club has been amazing (and humbling). Without this support we cannot do things like getting our junior girls and women into female cut uniforms, reducing our Miniroos boy’s fees to be in line with Miniroos girl’s fees and improving our equipment across the club (in particular the Alpha aluminum small goals – how good are they?!).

The club still has some major challenges post lock downs. One major issue is ground access in the pre-season. The committee is working hard with Council to improve this for us next season. I sincerely thank all our teams for your co-operation during this time and being fair and equitable to other teams. Of note was the senior womens helping the senior mens during their ‘cup run’ and the junior boys that had to make the long journey to Forest Hill Secondary school to get a decent surface. We have plans underway and we will be better next year!

To make this club a great environment on and off the pitch for all our players we do rely on volunteers across many areas of our operation. We have initiated a canteen and BBQ roster for game days and will look to improve the offerings (including coffee!). Whilst canteens do help our revenues, it is about building connections with members and our visiting teams. A good canteen is one measure of a great club! Thanks to all the team managers that are making this happen. We also need some specialists help in areas ranging from governance to IT to PR/marketing. If you have any interest in helping, please call me! We have a small team of dedicated professionals that are doing an amazing job but can use all the help they can get.

Finally, I am looking forward to completing a full season for 2022. The committee is planning some great events in the coming months so stay tuned!

As always, if there are any comments or feedback I am always happy to discuss.

For now, Go Ashy!


Female Football Week 2022!
This month our club celebrated Female Football Week. The week is devoted to acknowledging the tremendous impact women and girls have in our game. This year’s theme is Development, including enhancing pathways for young female players, boosting participation and growing the next generation of women leaders in our game. At Ashy, players from across our club played their part, wearing a touch of purple, putting purple laces in their boots and even wearing the odd purple lace on their head to raise awareness!
Committee Profile
Alan Cubbon
What’s your connection with the club?
I recently joined the Club Management Committee, play in our Over 45s Ashy Athletic team and am the Club’s Goal kick (4-6 year olds) Coordinator/Coach.How long have you been at the club?
I’ve been involved with the club for nearly 20 years doing all sorts, as have my family. I’ve had various roles as a Senior player; Reserve team player coach; Junior coach (several age groups/teams); Coaching director for 8 years; former Committee member (for goodness knows how long); the Inaugural President of Alamein; Kick off Coordinator/Coach; and a player in our Over 35s & 45s and old enough to know better.What are you are really passionate about doing at the club?
I have always had a passion in (predominantly junior) football. I’ve been fortunate to have had a long standing playing career with the club and being involved enables me to hopefully give a small amount back so that others can have the same enjoyment and camaraderie that I have been fortunate to experience through playing the beautiful game.Why do you volunteer on the committee?
Seeing the enjoyment in playing the game regardless of the result really gives me a buzz. The challenges and development of some of our youngest players with their innocence and passion for the game is really what makes me tick. It’s funny that someone close to the end of their playing days is now passing on the passion to someone so young and at the very beginning of their playing days. It’s a real honour to see so many players that I have coached at a very young age now playing at a senior level having not only developed as players but also as fine upstanding citizens of the Ashburton community.Other than Ashy, do you support another football team?
You know I support another club, but at this current moment in time I’m not overly excited to share it. Let’s just say it’s the most popular team in my home town Liverpool, supported by local, well-educated people. Not like the red team across the park supported by everyone from outside of our great town.
Kick Off Presentation Day

Our Kick Off program (u4 to u7s) girls and boys were recently presented with their ‘Ashy green’ top and bag of goodies by our sponsor, Ashburton Family Dental. A very big thank you to Ashy Dental for their valued support. And don’t forget, we still have some vacancies so families are most welcome to bring a friend every week. For more details on our Kick Off program, visit the club website (Find a team) and select ‘Kick Off’.

Women’s Masters Kick Off!

In exciting news for the club, we now have an Over 35s Women’s team. The ladies are playing in their first season and are already highly competitive. Pictured here is the team after they played their inaugural game against Hampton at Watson’s Park. If you’d like to learn more about the team or perhaps join the squad, then visit and select ‘Masters’

Ashburton Real Old – Men’s Masters Report
The season is up and running for our four Men’s Masters teams – actually, it’s more like a slow walk, but you get the picture. Our Over 35s have got off to a cracking start and sit on top of the ladder. So too does our Over 45s team Ashy Athletic, who recently played the club derby against our other Over 45s team, Ashburton United. The game was played in great spirit and football was the clear winner on the day! Meanwhile, our mighty Ashy Eagles Over 55s squad have soared like, well, Eagles, and are roosting comfortably in the top half of the table.
A big congratulations to our JNPL Coach & Football Operations Director Marcelo Koslowsky and his wife Tolyna on the arrival of baby Amaiya, pictured here with proud big sister Ariysa.

Our U14, U15 and U16 girls proudly wear their sponsor supplied uniforms. Thanks again Steve and the team at Belle Property, Glen Iris.
For all your property needs visit the Belle Property website.
Hi Ashy community!

As we get well and truly under way with our soccer season, the enthusiasm and new-found appreciation for “freedom” in post-COVID times is palpable. And whilst our minds are going full steam ahead, our bodies are potentially struggling to keep up!

The beginning of an injury can start with just a “niggle” – and this occurs long before you show up on our treatment table. Over the last 18 months we have helped our Ashy players successfully rehab from ACL injuries, hamstring strains, shoulder reconstructions, quad tears, and more but one of our most favourite things to do is actually prevent injuries before they happen.

Lots of research in the broader realm of sport science has focused on injury prevention, and many programs have been implemented across all genders, levels, and types of competitive sport worldwide to address this.

Ladies – we are looking at you! ACL tears are one of the most common injuries amongst female soccer players. Do you know what to do to reduce your risk of this dreaded diagnosis?

Guys – how are those hammies feeling? Soft tissue injuries, such as hamstring strains are often underrated and can continue to recur if not rehabbed properly.

As we progress further into the soccer season, let’s take care of our bodies and maximise our play time by doing “behind the scenes” work. Inadequate sleep and recovery time is a massive risk factor for injury – so make sure to catch those ZzzZzzZzz’s. Proper nutrition and hydration is vital for optimal performance – so make sure to fuel your body before, during, and after activity. Finally, getting treatment and guidance for injury management is the best way to come back to play efficiently. So book in to see a physio as soon as a “niggle” shows up.

Good luck in the upcoming games and we will do the best we can to support you all throughout the rest of the season.

Cheers, Glenferrie Sports and Spinal Team.

We are delighted to be sponsors of the Ashburton football club and hoping all the teams have a successful season

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