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🍎Joe’s Market Update – September 7th 2022

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It’s been a great start to spring and prices across the board are dropping. Especially where veggies are concerned.

We have some great specials this week.

Sweet, juicy and crisp corn on the cob is on special and perfect barbequing as the days get longer.

Spring onions are excellent value!

They’re tender with just the right amount of bite.

Celery is the cheapest it’s been in a long time.

Now is the time to start enjoying beans again too!

They’ve dropped over 50% and are affordable again.

Our beans are hand picked and are the best quality.

You won’t find broken beans with dry ends in our store.

Avocadoes are still great value.

This week we’re using them to create a delicious and healthy salad dressing.

You’ll find it on our Foodie Friday Post.

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Still on the veggies side of the store today you’ll find capsicums, broccoli and zucchini have all come back in price too.

It’s a great time to cook relishes and chutney that have capsicum, zucchini and onions as a base.

Fennell is fabulous this week.

They have nice white, crisp bulbs and fresh green fronds.

Fennel adds a great crunch to salads, but gently sautéed in butter and olive oil is also good.

To store, place in a sealed plastic bag in your crisper.

Like apples, fennel will oxidise once cut, so spritz over your favourite citrus to stop it browning and ideally eat it the same day you cut it.

That’s all for this week’s update,


Joe Russo

Foodie | 3rd Generation Green Grocer